Tours That You Shouldn’t Miss In Nosara

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The tourist routes of a place have the aim: to admire landscapes, to recall historical sites, to enjoy beach or mountain areas, sports or adventure activities, following a predetermined itinerary. There are many alternatives to choose from in Nosara, Guanacaste. There we have the best places to go.

One of the tours you can’t miss is Kayaking and SUP in the Nosara River. A mangrove forest is there for you, this is one of the adventures that make this place an enriched landmark of pure nature. These activities can also be an opportunity to have an experience surrounded by nature and exercising at the same time. This tour is for true natural lovers.

Ostional Beach is another ideal place to have amazing experiences, breathtaking sunsets and also you can surf there. You must have to visit the turtles at the Wildlife Refuge in Ostional, you can see Green Olive Ridley turtles nesting their eggs, this is an experience that you must see at least once in your life. You can see thousands of turtles coming ashore to lay their eggs and watch the baby turtles hatch all day long.

Playa Guiones, Peladas, Garza, Nosara are other beaches that are also popular in this area, all of them are beautiful beaches where you can generally surf, but Guiones is one of the best. Around these beaches you can find delicious restaurants and stores to visit.

Nosara Escape Room is another activity that you can do with all the members of your family. This is an adventure where you will have fun doing different challenges, challenges that you will have to use your memory skills and teamwork, this is an experience that you will have to solve how to escape.

Finally in Nosara you can do Canopy tours, Paragliding, horseback riding, water sports or off the beach, you can go to various places that are responsible for preserving wildlife in the area. In Nosara you can do what you least imagine.

This is a place for you, your family and friends. This is definitely a place to live.


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