A destination to reconnect with nature

A destination to reconnect with nature Apr-2023 Nosara 1 City life exposes people to continuous stressors: incessant noise, schedules, smoke, sirens, people running on the sidewalks, polluted air,...

Christmas Time is Here

Christmas Time is Here Dic-2022 Nosara 1 One of the most anticipated festivities in thousands of countries around the world. Christmas is an invitation to believe that our dreams can be true, it is the...

The Nosaran Diversity Culture

The Nosaran Diversity Culture Nov-2022 Nosara 1 Cultural diversity is an important asset, bringing up diverse capacities, human values and worldviews; it allows wisdom from the past to prepare us for...

Foundations that you can help in Nosara

Foundations That You Can Help In Nosara Nov-2022 Nosara 1 A foundation is created to develop educational, cultural, artistic, literary, health, environmental or scientific activities of social welfare...

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