Foundations that you can help in Nosara

A foundation is created to develop educational, cultural, artistic, literary, health,environmental or scientific activities of social welfare and general utility. A foundation isestablished when the assets are intended for the accomplishment of a common interest,linked with an organization of people operating on a not-for-profit basis, whose aims are ofsocial interest. (Costa Rican Bar Association,...

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Did you know that the name of Nosara hides the story of a princess?

Legend says…that a young princess named Sara fell in love with a young man named Curime who was a brave warrior; they both were part of the Great Chorotega Nation (today Nicoya). However, their fate was endangered by Nacaome, who was an ambitious man that wanted to marry princess Sara for her beauty but furthermore he also wanted to take possession of Nicoya’s kingdom. The princess rejected Nacaome...

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Education options for your children when you move to Nosara

Now that you have made your decision to start a new life with your family in paradise, one of the first things that can come to your mind is the education options available for the little ones in the family. In the following post we will cover the main options available for your kids so you can be sure to make the right decision when choosing your children’s school. There are three main schools in...

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5 Reasons Why Choose Costa Rica as New Home

NDP / Mar 04, 2022 / Nosara Firstly, as a number one reason Costa Rica, more than being an small country located in the tropical climate of Central America, is a pacifist, independent and democratic nation, Costa Rica is known because of its no army ideology, which since Dec. 1, 1948 all armed forces were abolished, instead of that it was promoted to reinforce an educational system, becoming an educated...

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