10 Reasons about living in Nosara

Nosara is a unique place that has so much to offer. From beautiful natural surroundings to a strong community feeling, this place located in the middle of the jungle with gorgeous beaches will make you fall in love. This is a place where you will like to live your whole life.

However, besides the beautiful nature that is present in every corner, you probably might thing what else do you need to know about it? These are 10 reasons about living in Nosara.

1 Lifestyle:

Nosara is located on the southern coast of the Nicoya canton in Guanacaste province. Rurality is still part of the lifestyle, despite having urbanized spaces, commercial places and more movement of traffic or people in some parts, there is still a rural atmosphere in almost all the territory.

The lifestyle in the countryside is very relaxing, you can enjoy more family time, create or collaborate with productive projects for the community, in fact, this region is very active at a communal, social and cultural level. Most of the nosaran are easy going people, always ready and placing a great importance on friendship and loyalty towards their friends and family.

The love for conservation and environmental sustainability are two aspects, many people prefer this area because it promotes an ecological lifestyle, as well as a healthy lifestyle with many options of markets and restaurants that offer organic products.

This place is also famous for Yoga practice. There are a lot of centers or places specialized, many people visit or stay in the area particularly for Yoga, it is a perfect place for retreats, meditation or do asanas surrounded by pure nature. Enjoying a Yoga session in the open air to reconnect with the interior, to get out of the routine and experience a sense of union with the nature, is what so many people are looking for in these lands.

2. First-Rate Education:

Having access to a quality, equal, non-discriminatory, broad and adequate education is part of what characterises Costa Rica, schools, teachers and students are the army’s country.

In recent years, Nosara has opened up the possibility of opting for different study alternatives for national and non-nationals residents. There are some renowned educational centers such as Del Mar Academy School, Casas de las Estrellas, Elimar High School, Academy del Sol and others.

It is important to keep in mind that many of the schools have an approach that promotes connection with nature and well-being related to environmental conservation. They also have educational systems with different pedagogical approaches endorsed by the Ministry of Public Education of Costa Rica.

The magnificent thing about these schools is that most of them have an imminent closeness to nature. The spaces they offer have an infrastructure that keeps their students and staff at odds. These educational centers undoubtedly make Nosara an even more favorite destination, finding a place that can offer quality education is undoubtedly a promising place.

3. Family Enviroment

Here many families and people in general have found a refuge, a valuable opportunity to start a life among paradisiacal beaches and mountains. One of the favorite places for foreigners and digital nomads, mostly of them choose to live, rent a house or work in long term of time.

The community of Nosara is also recognized for being part of the Nicoya Peninsula, one of the Blue Zones in the world, that is, one of the places where people tend to live longer. A great finding in the communities of the Nicoya Peninsula is family unity as an element that generates welfare and therefore health. The family structure is very important in this region from a perspective of harmony, security and belonging.

Guanacaste’s culture promotes family togetherness as part of everyday life. It is normal to find families going for walks or going to the beach, in Nosara it is also common to see entire families get together to watch a soccer game, the family atmosphere is lived in many homes in this district.

4.Good Investment Area

The residential business opportunities in the Guanacaste coasts have had a great importance for many people interested in real estate or buying and selling properties, the land investment market is a favorable option, in Nosara it is really common to find exclusive properties with diverse possibilities.

On the other hand, investment in tourism and hospitality are other areas that may be possible avenues for investment. The influx of tourists from abroad to Guanacaste in recent years has allowed tourism development projects to multiply, which means a greater attraction of direct investment, this Costa Rican region stands out internationally for its unique tourism offer, which combines natural wealth and high-end settlements that invite you to realize the dream of one day being able to live in a true paradise on earth.

There are many reasons why making an investment in real estate on the beach is a very important decision, however, it is all about choosing the right project in the ideal location and having professional support throughout the process. Most of Costa Rica’s beach areas have positioned themselves in the market by offering a high quality of life.

5. Things to do

When you are looking for things to do, where to go or activities to do, in places that are a tourist attraction, you will find for sure many alternatives to keep you busy, have a relaxing or exciting, the Nosara district has many possibilities where you can go.

From eating a delicious meal, having a coffee or a cocktail, go shopping, get a haircut, go to the supermarket, walk around the beach, take a tuk-tuk taxi, explore nature on your bike, go to a yoga center, walk through a trail, roll down the windows of your car and breathe in the fresh air.

Stay with your family in a hotel or resort, join a gym, take your children on adventures such as quad biking, canopy tours, tennis, football, running or swimming. Here there is a mixture of outdoor activities, such as surfing, snorkeling, and paddle-boarding, hiking, horse riding, and biking make this place even more attractive.

You can choose to stay at home or go out, just by living in an open place surrounded by natural life, your days can be an adventure and a pleasant delight for all your senses.

6. Surfing

The Pacific coast of Costa Rica is known for its waves. What is it about this area that attracts surfers from all over the world? The different beaches and waves give both amateurs and professionals the opportunity to surf, plus there is an established community of local surfers who share their passion with everyone who wants to ride waves on the country’s beaches.

The town of Nosara has different beaches where you can surf, beaches are astonishing jewels, some of the beaches that you can find here are: Garza beach, Cuarzo beach, Rosada beach, Guiones beach, Pelada beach, Nosara beach, Ostional beach.

The most famous beach for surfing is Guiones Beach because of its width and its perfect waves that suits all types of surfers. Pelada Beach is very popular specially for locals and Garza Beach has amazing surf spots, however it is more suitable for intermediate and advanced surfers.

One vital thing to keep in mind is the season in which you head to Nosara, there are two seasons in here: dry season (December to May) and rainy season or popularly known as green season (June to November). The dry season offers waves for all levels and spectacular sunrises and sunsets. Depending on the ties you can even have a double session a day. Surf in the morning and surf in the afternoon. This paradise of surf definitely offers the conditions to make this dream come true.

It is important to keep in mind that when the weather is rainy and windy, the surfing conditions may not be the best. Even after the heavy rains have passed, the swell might still be low because the water from the rains moves the sandbanks significantly.

7. Hidden Treasures

If you are not much into surfing but you enjoy to be on the water, Garza beach, will be a wonderful place for swimming too. This beach has been catalogued as one of the beaches with most marine wildlife in Costa Rica. Garza beach within Peladas beach, are perfect for swimming, fishing and snorkelling, but also for enjoying with younger children a plan without so many waves and the exuberant power of the sea. Both places have a very relaxing areas to rest and enjoy with your family, as well as be part of the show under the sea.

A few kilometres away, there is the Ostional Wildlife Refuge which is one of the most important turtles nestling sites in the world. Pretty amazing huh? This beautiful beach offers you the opportunity to be present in one of the most spectacular acts of nature. There is just one word that describe this and it is: awe, Ostional is the opportunity to appreciate nature and its miracles. If all of these beaches weren’t enough to be amazed with, San Juanillo beach will be waiting for you and your family. This beach has been cataloged as one of the most beautiful beaches in Guanacaste. This is a very popular destination for national and international tourism. In San Juanillo you can do snorkeling in its clear waters. You will just love it.

And if you are looking other natural place, Nosara also has gorgeous mountains and waterfalls. One of its most beautiful waterfalls is La Malanoche, with just a very nice walk surrounded by trees you can get to this amazing spot. Also, Cerro San Juan can offer you some of the best sunsets with cooler breeze than the beach.

Finally, if you are craving some fresh water, the Nosara River is the perfect option for you. You can get to the riverside biking or walking and you will just love the trails that lead you to it. Once in the river, all you need to do is relax and enjoy the peace it inspires. This is also a perfect spot to do some water sports as kayaking and paddle board. This place can tune you in with nature and get you moving and active.You can be sure that Nosara will enchant you with all of its beautiful places and sceneries.

8. Reconnecting with nature

Reconnecting with nature is a vital need for anyone who wants to feel good at all levels: physical, psychological and emotional. The warm coasts of Guanacaste province have received hundreds of new residents or vacationers in recent years who are looking precisely for contact with nature, but also for other fundamental aspects such as tranquility. In fact, the image of this country with its iconic “Pura Vida”, its political neutrality, the low social and cultural tensions, the security compared to other countries, are fundamental values when many people choose Costa Rica as a destination to live.

This sector of the country has attracted attention because it is considered an area where there is a higher life expectancy and well-being, which brings with it a longer and healthier old age. In addition, ideally because of its natural wealth, connecting with nature has such a positive impact that it is one of the main reasons to build, buy or invest in places like Nosara.

We welcome you to our community, which is open to people of diverse ages and nationalities. Sheltering and allowing people a pleasant feeling of well-being, breathing the oxygen provided by the trees, the warmth of the residents and the adventure of starting a new and fresh reality.

9.Cultural Diversity

The tourist development, the attraction for the rural and beach lifestyle, and the natural beauty has deeply captivated people from all over the world as well as from other provinces of Costa Rica, making this community a place where diverse cultures come together, where the local culture continues to be preserved with pride, but also incorporating other visions, flavors, colors and practices from abroad. 

It is an important asset, bringing up diverse capacities, human values and worldviews; it allows wisdom from the past to prepare us for the future. Cultural diversity can drive the sustainable development of individuals, communities and countries.

Here you can find a really nice integration between the Costa Rican culture and the different affluences of visitors who have arrived as tourists and fell in love with the place so they made it their home.

These lands have had a diverse population since ancient times, including the indigenous Chorotega population, this group of people inhabited our community long time before the Spanish conquest, becoming one of the native populations of what we know today as Nosara.

The most traditional heritage in our community comes from those people who worked with cattling, farming and fishing. Rurality has been a crucial part of our identity, as well as the food, music, dances, costumes and beliefs of the Guanacaste peasant culture in general. 

However, Nosara has grown and with it its population, bringing with it new inhabitants, thanks to the natural treasures that exist everywhere, a significant number of people from other countries.

10. Organic Markets and Local Enterprises

Nowadays there is a greater awareness regarding food consumption from a perspective that tries to avoid more industrialized products. Organic food comes from organic agriculture, a production system that uses agricultural methods that respect nature and the environment. No chemicals are used that would modify the food and affect its natural properties.

In the community of Nosara this form of consumption has been implemented, here there are many possibilities of places that not only offer food but also other products that follow an organic style. In recent years, there has been a growing interest in offering quality products to the population. Some of the places that you can find right now are; La Feria (The Nosara Market), where farmers from the area come to sell their products, as well as other local people who also offer handicrafts products. It is quite an experience to visit this place. Orgánico Grocer & Café, is another special place that offers dishes created by 100% natural products, as well as other organic products.

Organico Deli-Market, Eden Organic, Organico Giovanni´s Nosara Best, these are other places offering fruits, vegetables and organic products, which include a certified quality and sustainable with the environment. There are also other markets that have organic vegetable gardens and whose products come from these gardens, as is the case of the Gaia Organic Market.

There is no doubt that at present Nosara has a variety of options in the market that can facilitate your diet and consumption of organic products. Also, more and more people also have as projects organic gardens in their homes or independent farms that can be another ecological and economical alternative.

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From beautiful natural surroundings to a strong community feeling, this place located in the middle of the jungle with gorgeous beaches will make you fall in love.

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