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Legend says…that a young princess named Sara fell in love with a young man named Curime who was a brave warrior; they both were part of the Great Chorotega Nation (today Nicoya). However, their fate was endangered by Nacaome, who was an ambitious man that wanted to marry princess Sara for her beauty but furthermore he also wanted to take possession of Nicoya’s kingdom.

The princess rejected Nacaome because her love for Curime was beyond everybody else, for that reason Nacaome challenged Curime into a game, where Curime was victorious.
However, Nacaome attacked Nicoya on the day of the princess wedding, for that reason they had to run away going to the coast of Nicoya, reaching a beautiful and majestic river where they promised their love until Nacaome finally found them proceeding to end with their lives.

But, his unfortunate story actually hides another secret that remains another mystery. The princess, after running away with Curime to the coast, took with her some jars which were a wedding gift from her father, but inside of that precious gift a treasure was hidden, some people say that the treasure is still hidden on the river waiting to be discovered.

Nowadays, the town of Nosara is named in honor of the Chorotegan princess Sara and the last words of his love Curime who said “No, Sara” just before leaving this world. Some people believe that the princess’s soul lives on that river possessing a magical vibe that makes people fall in love with Nosara.

If you did not think before, each part of Guanacaste has its legends, history, evolution, and changes. Nosara is no exception, its ancestral history fills with pride and interest for all the people who want to live in these Chorotega lands.

This is your time to be a part of history. In Nosara Dreams Properties we have a great team behind it, who work with effort and dedication to get you all the properties or houses that you want, we are waiting to see you and be part of your own history.


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