Best Local Restaurants

Nosara Dream Prpoperties-

In Nosara there has been an incursion of new restaurants and cafes in recent years, that have a quality service and excellent food, but a particular thing here is that you can find local and international food, but never any fast food chain restaurant, most of the local restaurants are owned by people who live in Nosara.

According to some blog sites like Tripadvisor, Sluurpy and Tico Times the most popular restaurants are the ones that serve typical Costa Rica and Guanacaste dishes. Let’s remember that Nosara is located in the Nicoya Peninsula, the food or culinary art in the Guanacaste culture has been an important element for this province.

In fact, Gunacaste´s food has been characterized by having an origin between indigenous cultures and colonized campesinos, also its food has been part of the main aspects that catalog the entire Nicoya Peninsula as a blue zone, it has been shown that the daily diet of typical food in Nicoya is a key for a longer life.

So, the best restaurants in Nosara are distributed between restaurants with typical Costa Rican food popularly called “Sodas”. And on the other hand in restaurants with more gourmet cuisine concepts or international food such as French, Italian, Peruvian, Mexican, Irish, North American, Japanese or restaurants specialized in seafood, vegan food, grill, bakery and others.

To mention some of the most frequented and recommended restaurants in Nosara we have Rosi’s Soda Tica, with typical food specialties located in Guiones Beach. Dolce Vita, a restaurant whose specialty is pizza and Italian food, Cafe Paris, if you prefer to delight yourself with their bakery, desserts and dishes.

Pacifico Azul, Manglar Restaurant and Costa Nosa with seafood dishes, and for more exclusive international food, Al Chile Restaurant has Mexican Food, Coyol Restaurante with Mediterranean food, La Peruana, El Local and IO Artesian Food offering food from South America.
For different culinary experiences Naked Food is a restaurant with a vegetarian concept, Selina Nosara Restaurant with Caribbean food, Sushi Mar that has Japanese food for sale, La Sodita has Indian and Moroccan food on its menu.
Although in this place, there really is a variety of options for all tastes, cravings and occasions, Nosara has had a cultural richness that makes this place even more interesting. There is a lot of delicious food, which is undoubtedly of top quality, and our Nosara people strive to provide the highest quality for our health, preferences and needs. Nosara is simply a place where you will have a lot of choices.