What Are The Greatest Features That Nosara Offers?

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Nosara is a unique place that has so much to offer. From beautiful natural surroundings to a strong community feeling, this place located in the middle of the jungle with gorgeous beaches will make you fall in love. And honestly, this is not a place you would only like for a holiday getaway, this a place where you will like to live your whole life. Let us tell you a little bit about this Costa Rican paradise.
Nosara is all about the green sceneries, beautiful mountains with an ocean view and of course, the ocean.
Now, besides the beautiful nature that is present in every place and corner of Nosara, what can we tell you about the lifestyle? What are the options for activities in your free time? Are there activities for children? Are there good places to go out and eat? This article has all the answers for all these questions.
When it comes to activities on your free time, think of the outdoors. Nosara offers world class surf, hiking trails surrounded by nature, excellent rides to go and explore with your bike. So, if you’re into activities in nature, Nosara is your place to be.
If you are not so much into outdoors, Nosara is also very well known for its yoga studios and meditation centers. This is a place that encourages you to go within so you can better enjoy your surroundings. So, whether it is that you prefer water sports such as surfing, fishing and diving or calmer activities as yoga, pilates and meditation, Nosara is the perfect place to welcome a healthier lifestyle for you and your family.
And now that we have mentioned family… Nosara is a wonderful place to raise a family and to be sure that your little ones are growing up in a safe and active environment. It can be surfing, art classes, martial arts, dancing, yoga, you name it! Nosara is the perfect place for families since here we have plenty of activities thought for the little ones in the families. Not to mention the top- quality education options.
Nosara can be considered a small beach town, but once you get here you will discover that this is a unique multicultural place. Here you can find a really nice integration between the Costa Rican culture and the different affluences of visitors who have arrived as tourists and fell in love with the place so they made it their home. And all of this means… an extensive menu to choose from. You can have Gallo Pinto, (the typical Costa Rican breakfast) one day and the other have a vegan meal and the other have a French menu. So, if you are a foodie, Nosara will definitely keep you busy. Paradise includes good dining options too.
These are just some of the great features that Nosara offers. So, whether it is that you are traveling solo and looking for a new place to make it your home or that you are coming with the whole crew. Nosara is a place that welcomes people who want to live the pura vida lifestyle in its most purest way


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