The Nosaran Diversity Culture

Cultural diversity is an important asset, bringing up diverse capacities, human values and worldviews; it allows wisdom from the past to prepare us for the future. Cultural diversity can drive the sustainable development of individuals, communities and countries.

The district of Nosara have had a diverse population since ancient times, including the indigenous Chorotega population, this group of people inhabited our community long time before the Spanish conquest, becoming one of the native populations of what we know today as Nosara (Read blog of Nosara’s Princess).

At the beginning of the XX century another new population coming from other Guanacaste lands arrived Nosara having as their main activity of subsistence the agriculture and cattle raising.It was this population that began to establish the roots of the Nosaran local population that lies until today. 

The most traditional heritage in our community comes from those people who worked with cattling, farming and fishing. Rurality has been a crucial part of our identity, as well as the food, music, dances, costumes and beliefs of the Guanacaste peasant culture in general. 

However, Nosara has grown and with it its population, bringing with it new inhabitants, thanks to the natural treasures that exist everywhere, a significant number of people from other countries, but especially from the United States has had an important influence on the culture of Nosara. 

The tourist development, the attraction for the rural and beach lifestyle, and the natural beauty has deeply captivated people from all over the world as well as from other provinces of Costa Rica, making this community a place where diverse cultures come together, where the local culture continues to be preserved with pride, but also incorporating other visions, flavors, colors and practices from abroad. 

This is our paradise, a diverse place, full of wonderful people who dream of living, raising their children, sharing with friends and being free in the most natural way possible, this is Nosara, our home.  


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