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A space created for wellness and connection with nature. This property was created as a hotel project, mainly for yoga retreats and other events related to integral transformational experiences, a natural sanctuary for its guests. Watch the video. 

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AREA - the lot has a size of 2,536.93 m²

PRICE - $ 1.600.000

ROOMS - a total of 6 rooms (4 king bed - 2 queen bed)

LOCATION - Peladas Beach, Nosara, Guanacaste.

INDOOR - has a breakfast bar, chic accommodations with a design concept inspired by bohemian decoration and handmade furniture by artisans.

OUTDOOR - has a yoga area, infinity pool, green areas (includes water recycling system for garden maintenance), and a yoga shop at the entrance of the hotel. It has space to build more units.

BEACH & SPORT - just 5 minutes walking to the Peladas Gulf. Naya Hotel has a private pathway directly to the beach

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Make a dream come true by investing in a space that seeks to work in the integral well being not only of people but also of nature, animals and the experience of life in general.

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