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Nosara a place where the jungle and the ocean meet.
Close your eyes for a second and imagine yourself on top a mountain watching the most spectacular sunset over the Pacific Ocean. You breathe in warm tropical breeze and hear the relaxing sounds of the ocean coming from afar… You can also hear so many different birds singing and every now and then a playing monkey will come to say hi. Sounds like paradise, doesn’t it?
It is real and it has a name: Nosara. Let us describe you some of its most beautiful natural attractions. If you are a nature lover and enjoy being outdoors, Nosara is the place for you.
When it comes to beaches, Nosara has a top offer. Here you can find the world-class surf location: Guiones. This beach is very popular world wide because of its perfect waves all year round, plus being reforested, it offers a gorgeous scenario full of trees and shade just in front of the ocean.
Another very nice option if you are not much into surfing but into the marine life is Garza beach. This beach has been catalogued as one of the beaches with most marine wildlife in Costa Rica and besides this, it offers a very tranquil and quiet area to rest and enjoy with your family.
Just 20 minutes from Nosara, there is the Ostional Wildlife Refuge which is one of the most important nestling site in the world. Pretty amazing huh? This beautiful beach offers you the opportunity to be present in one of the most spectacular acts of nature. There is just one word that describe this and it is: awe. Ostional is the opportunity to feel awe and truly appreciate nature and its miracles.
If all of these beaches weren’t enough to be amazed with, San Juanillo beach will be waiting for you and your family. This beach has been cataloged as one of the most beautiful beaches in Guanacaste. This is a very popular destination for national and international tourism. In San Juanillo you can do snorkeling in its clear waters. You will just love it.
And if you are looking other natural sceneries, Nosara also has gorgeous mountains and waterfalls. One of its most beautiful waterfalls is La Malanoche, with just a very nice walk surrounded by trees you can get to this amazing spot. Also, Cerro San Juan can offer you some of the best sunsets with cooler breeze than the beach.
Finally, if you are craving some fresh water, the Nosara River is the perfect option for you. You can get to the riverside biking or walking and you will just love the trails that lead you to it. Once in the river, all you need to do is relax and enjoy the peace it inspires. This is also a perfect spot to do some water sports as kayaking and paddle board. This place can tune you in with Nature and get you moving and active.
If you are a nature lover, you can be sure that Nosara will enchant you with all of its beautiful places and sceneries. Come and enjoy Nosara!


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