Guanacaste A Desirable Destination To Live

Guanacaste a desirable destination to live

The province of Guanacaste is the second largest province in the country having incredible beaches, wide plains with mountains as a backdrop, where horses and cattle, as well as farming areas are the lifestyle of its people. Nature is an essential feature that attracts many people from other countries and the Costa Rican population itself.

During the last few years our province has had a significant increase in the sale of lots and in the construction of houses, especially in coastal areas or areas close to the sea. In fact, during 2021and 2022 Guanacaste increased 48, 8% in the amount of new construction, Heredia and Alajuela are the other provinces with a very good number. (INEC, 2022).

Here in Nosara we have a very close example of this whole situation: the community of Guiones in less than ten years grew rapidly from a small surfing village to one of the most popular beaches to visit, live and invest in. Many people have seen great potential in the Nosara area, creating; hotels, houses, schools and commercial premises.

Certainly, the new population or new residents are  mostly people who were perhaps visitors at one time and decided to take the adventure of living in Guanacaste, mostly people from the United States, Canada and European countries, but also Costa Ricans.

The great variety of people has framed an important welcome to the diversity of cultures,, new flavors and new activities to do, bringing with it the possibility of making communities like Nosara or Samara an even greater attraction for new potential buyers or sellers of lots and houses.

Guanacaste has also been visualized as “a place to develop projects”, “as an ideal place for families”, because Guanacaste’s culture is mostly family-oriented and peaceful. There is much more nature than people, there is still a rural lifestyle in many areas, it is a province rich in biodiversity and wildlife.

Finally, this event has been a source of growth for the real estate market, giving work to different companies or agencies, as well as other people working in construction, services and other activities that have settled in the province. The increase in employment rates have been significant in this area thanks to people looking for a new life in Costa Rica and Guanacaste.

If you want to discover for yourself the opportunity to live in Nosara, we have had the wonderful experience of having a real estate platform, having a team of local people, supporting the local treasures of our country. We are here to fulfill your dream of buying or selling a property in our home called Nosara.


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