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A foundation is created to develop educational, cultural, artistic, literary, health, environmental or scientific activities of social welfare and general utility. A foundation is established when the assets are intended for the accomplishment of a common interest, linked with an organization of people operating on a not-for-profit basis, whose aims are of
social interest. (Costa Rican Bar Association, 2019) Foundations are endowed with private legal status, and are guided by the will of their founders. The community of Nosara is not an exception to this, there are several foundations that support different groups of people or organizations, which fulfill an important function.
The reasons for the formation of these organizations are philanthropic, each of these groups have the same purpose of cooperation, mutual aid and social welfare. All have a specific orientation towards certain groups or people with special needs or in vulnerable situations.
Some of the main foundations and associations are listed below:
➔ Friends of Nosara is a group which supports partnership organizations (national and international) that work for the social welfare of the community.This group aims to support different institutions or partners, as they call them, that play an important role in serving the community. Friends of Nosara is one of the most important organizations, because it is a platform that unifies other community foundations. This group of people works to ensure that the aid can reach its different destinations, it has a team of people who are in charge of several areas. Friends of Nosara is
recognized as a source of support for almost all the organizations that promote social, cultural, educational and ecological well-being in Nosara; they can get both monetary and in-kind donations, but also they offer volunteer opportunities in the area, which can be such a great opportunity to live.
➔ Nosara Scholarship Association, promotes financial and educational support for children in Nosara, has a scholarship program at Del Mar Academy, a private, bilingual school with a Montessori program. The main goal of this project is to seek equal and quality education for people who have some kind of social or economic need.
It should be highlighted that these groups mentioned above are managed by Amigos of Costa Rica, which is an important non-profit organization in Costa Rica.
➔ Nosara Civic Association is another organization promoting planning, civic activism, and conservation in the Nosara community. This association has been present in the development of the town, working in the area of scientific research, biodiversity conservation, Municipality and public institutions support, and other areas. NCA receives financial donations to be able to continue working in the search for the common good in Nosara, which not only includes the people but also the nature that so many people fall in love with in this region.
➔ Association Casa de las Estrellas is another group organized by Casa de las Estrellas in Nosara, this is a school based on Waldorf principles. According to the association, this school supports over 50% of its students, much of this is possible thanks to donations from associations such as Novo Mundo in the United States.

This association seeks economic support for as many students as possible, aimed at children with social and economic situations.
➔ Sibu Wildlife Sanctuary is another important place in the Nosara community, offering direct attention to the conservation and protection of wildlife. Sibu is in charge of an opening refuge for animals with some type of vulnerability, supports research and work on wildlife issues, as well as other types of support for the animals
that inhabit these beautiful lands.This sanctuary receives donations whether monetary, staff or volunteering, they are waiting for any kind of help.
➔ Nosara Food Bank The main goal of this institution is to bring food to the homes of  hundreds of families, Nosara currently has a rate of approximately 7,213 inhabitants.The food bank is a great support for many people in the community who, due to different circumstances, do not have access to basic food products. That is why this organization exists that feeds more than 70 families each month, and also provides other types of support such as the distribution of school supplies, clothing, toys, shoes, furniture and other things.
Nosara is a paradise for many people, it is the home of a significant number of inhabitants, this beautiful community has been sustained thanks to the support of many people who have fallen in love with the most precious treasure that lives in these lands, its nature and its people. Each of the organizations have more information on their respective websites, if you are interested in knowing more you can contact us or Google about these wonderful
initiatives that are accessible to the general population.
We created this blog as a way to spread the word beyond our community, and to share this valuable information that makes us proud of so many good people who only want Nosara to be a better place every day for all who inhabit it.

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