Christmas Time is Here

One of the most anticipated festivities in thousands of countries around the world. Christmas is an invitation to believe that our dreams can be true, it is the prelude to a new year full of new opportunities.

Christmas is a synonym of celebrating life and family togetherness, sharing with people you don’t see so often during the year, it is a reunion. What would Christmas be without those long awaited reunions?

No matter what you believe in or what your ideals are, Christmas is undoubtedly one of the times that involve people in a special happiness from the youngest to the oldest.

Another factor that always involves these dates is cold, snow and winter. However, in tropical countries like Costa Rica Christmas is experienced in a different way, here it is the beginning of summer, with winds that clear the sky, warm days and starry nights.

Many people from different parts of the world decide to put on their bathing suits, take off their hats and scarves, change the Christmas tree for a palm tree and spend New Year’s Eve by the sea.


Hoping that this Christmas you can be surrounded by family, by those you appreciate and love. Have good days of peace, rest and many delicious meals.

We invite you to celebrate Christmas from paradise, here at this time of the year is also usually very well spent. You can enjoy the beach, you can find different activities or celebrations that are organized in several places such as restaurants or event venues,also the community of Nosara organizes parades to celebrate Christmas and different cultural events.

If you decide to start a new life here, we hope you can fulfill your dreams. We believe that life can bring you wonderful experiences in this little home called Nosara.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from NDP team. Wish you all, blessings and lovely time.


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