Organic Food

Everything created by nature is organic to a certain extent. In terms of food, mosthuman beings look for a diet full of nutritious and healthy food that allows us to havea greater wellbeing.As a general definition Organic food is grown without the use of synthetic chemicals,such as human-made pesticides and fertilizers, and does not contain geneticallymodified organisms (GMOs).Nowadays there is a greater...

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A Magical Surf Town

Playa Guiones is known for having a world-class surf and for offering ideal waves for beginners, intermediate and professional surfers. This is definitely one of the reasons why Nosara is considered such a unique paradise in the Pacific Coast of North America. Are you also a surf enthusiast? Keep reading. This post is written for us, the ocean lovers. The Pacific coast in Costa Rica is well known for...

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Natural Beauty of Nosara

Nosara a place where the jungle and the ocean meet.Close your eyes for a second and imagine yourself on top a mountain watching the most spectacular sunset over the Pacific Ocean. You breathe in warm tropical breeze and hear the relaxing sounds of the ocean coming from afar… You can also hear so many different birds singing and every now and then a playing monkey will come to say hi. Sounds like...

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What are the greatest features that Nosara offers?

Nosara is a unique place that has so much to offer. From beautiful natural surroundings to a strong community feeling, this place located in the middle of the jungle with gorgeous beaches will make you fall in love. And honestly, this is not a place you would only like for a holiday getaway, this a place where you will like to live your whole life. Let us tell you a little bit about this Costa Rican...

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Tours that you shouldn’t miss in Nosara

The tourist routes of a place have the aim: to admire landscapes, to recall historical sites, to enjoy beach or mountain areas, sports or adventure activities, following a predetermined itinerary. There are many alternatives to choose from in Nosara, Guanacaste. There we have the best places to go. One of the tours you can’t miss is Kayaking and SUP in the Nosara River. A mangrove forest is there for...

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Best Local Restaurants

In Nosara there has been an incursion of new restaurants and cafes in recent years, that have a quality service and excellent food, but a particular thing here is that you can find local and international food, but never any fast food chain restaurant, most of the local restaurants are owned by people who live in Nosara. According to some blog sites like Tripadvisor, Sluurpy and Tico Times the most...

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