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Sujayra Peréz

Broker Nosara Dream Properties

  • Service Areas: Nosara, Samara, Guiones, Pelada
  • Specialties: Property management, Real estate development, Real estate appraising, Retail leasing, Apartment brokerage

About Sujayra Peréz

Who is the hard-working mind and the committed heart behind Nosara Dream Properties?

Let us tell you about Sujaria Pérez and the path she has walked to be able to make Nosara Dream Properties the prosperous business it is right now.

Sujaira gratuated from University of Costa Rica. She is a certified Realtor by the Costa Rican chamber of Real Estate. She studied law for six years in one of the top-quality universities in Latin America.

After all these years of study, Sujaira decided that it was time to pursue her dream of having her own real estate agency.

With this clear vision she started studying entrepreneurship strategies, web design and marketing. She covered all that was necessary and even more. All of this, to allow Nosara Dream Properties to be born.

Eventhough the way to accomplish this purpose included a lot of extra work and side hustles, like working a full-time job while studying at nights, she persisted.

Now that her dream has become a reality, she is fully committed to the purpose of this busines: to help you accomplish your dream of making the paradisiac Nosara, your home.

After all of her academic preparation and years of study, when was the right moment for Nosara Dream Properties to arise and start offering its services to the public?

Right in the middle of 2020’s health and financial crisis, Sujaira found the opportunity to dedicate her full time and energy for Nosara Dream Properties to grow and get strong.

As the author, Stuart Wilde states: “In a time of crisis we all have the potential to morph up to a new level and do things we never thought possible.” Sujaira took this potential and convert it into the prosperous, committed and growing business that Nosara Dream Properties now is.

Now, what is the main motivation that has lead her to pursue this goal?

To give people the opportunity to fulfill their dreams of living in Nosara, an Oasis in Central America, where the jungle and the ocean meet and all you can breathe is just “Pura Vida”.

Language: English, Spanish

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